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Mysterious Boom Sounds Shake Homes in Elgin, Leave Residents Searching for Answers The noises have been heard at various hours of the day, but particularly overnight Published Dec 11, 2018 at 4:32 PM | Updated at 6:29 PM CST on Dec 11, 2018 Elgin, Illinois USA Mysterious boom sounds in the middle of night have residents in Elgin tired and looking for answers. Some residents say the booms are so loud, they even shake homes in the northwest suburb. “The house shakes, the windows shake,” said resident Colleen Roberg. The noises have been heard at various hours of the day, but particularly overnight. “They’ve become louder,” said Sue Webb, president of the Southwest Area Neighbors group. The SWAN group said residents have suspected two bridges as the possible cause of the booms – the Route 31 bridge that runs over Route 20 and the Route 20 bridge the crosses over the Fox River. But the explanation still doesn’t solve the mystery behind why some homes shake from the noise. “We’ve had this since June and we’ve lived with the discomfort of it, but now we have our windows closed and it’s really, really starting to irritate,” said Webb. There is also some railroad construction taking place below the Route 20 bridge, but that doesn’t explain the noises in the middle of the night. The Illinois Department of Transportation said it did an investigation, but didn’t detect any loud noises from the bridges residents believe could be the cause. IDOT did take steps to notify the city about the surface conditions observed on the bridges, however. The city of Elgin said it’s investigating the cause of the noise, but can’t confirm if the surface of the overpass is related at this point. “We’re just asking for solutions to our mystery boom,” Webb said. For now, the mystery remains unsolved. back to sky quake reports "Skyquakes" perplex Magic Valley residents Twin Falls, Idaho USA By Garrett Hottle Posted: Wed 10:50 AM, Mar 06, 2019 Updated: Wed 6:31 PM, Mar 27, 2019 TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Southern Idaho residents reported hearing a booming and shrieking sounds that caused them concern on Monday evening. Many speculated on KMVT's Facebook page that the the event was an earthquake or a military exercise. Shawn Willsey, geology profession with College of Southern Idaho. "I can't tell what it is, but I can tell you what it isn't," said professor of geology at the College Southern Idaho Shawn Willsey. "What it isn't is it's not an earthquake. If you actually pay attention to them when they occur it's acoustic, they're sound waves it's not actually the ground shaking, although sometimes the sound vibrations can cause a little bit rattling in your house or a structure, or something like that." Willsey goes on and says that he notices the "skyquake" event's typically occur around night, when there's high pressure in the area. "My hypothesis, right or wrong, is that they're probably related to the Sailor Creek bombing range, south of Mountain Home" Willsey says. KMVT was able to get in touch with Mountain View Air Force base who says they had no aircraft in the air last night, or around the the time the "skyquake" was reported. However, an individual from public affairs for the base, could not confirm that a separate military outfit wasn't responsible for the noise. back to sky quake reports
Did You Hear The Mysterious Booms In Southern Idaho? Idaho, USA March 5, 2019 If you have been in the area longer than a few months you have probably heard about these mysterious booms that randomly shake the area. We aren't really sure what they are, but we want to know if you heard them and where you live. I have been here for three years and technically haven't felt one yet. I feel like I am missing out. I know a ton of people who have heard them though. The USGS reports no seismic activity so it isn't an earthquake, there was no thunder, there were no skyquakes and the Mountain Home Air force Base says it isn't them. So we really don't know. The interesting thing is how many people don't feel them and how many do, depending on where you live. We want to know what area you live in and whether or not you felt it. We had some people in Mountain Home say they never heard it at all. We also had a call from a woman in Gooding who said she hears them all the time. We may never actually know what is going on but it is fun to talk about. back to sky quake reports